Social Media is not the Virus

In the buzz surrounding social media today many people mistake it for the miracle marketing tool. You’ve probably heard someone tell you that all you have to do is to create a facebook page, twitter profile, or blog and you’ll inherently launch your brand to instant stardom. Overnight you’ll have followers, fans, and fame. Sales will soar, ’cause you, you’re different – you market with social media. 

In order for a virus to spread it has to be shared. Obviously, the social web from facebook to the rampant sharing tools out there makes it tremendously easy for your message to go across the world in seconds and be seen by hundreds or hundreds of thousands of people. )Think Susan Boyle)

But the medium is not the message. It won’t get shared if it offers no relevant value. You can’t create word of mouth by simply being on facebook. Seth Godin would call it being “remark-able”. Yes, social media is a great place to communicate a message and engage brand evangelists but don’t get blindsighted by the medium to realize that you still need to tell them why you’re cool. 



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