4 Signs of A Social Media Guru

With the growing recognition of the internet as a gamechanger to the way that marketing has been done for years, we’ve seen the emergence of “Internet Marketing Guru’s” or “Social Media Marketing Guru’s”. I don’t claim to be either. There used to be a great restaurant near my home in college called Guru’s that made a mean Cilantro Lime Pesto, good stuff…but that’s about as “Guru-ish” as I can claim to be.

But I have been in the wake of some of these guru’s. For a while there, all the clients I seemed to come across had just spent a fair chunk of change on a sincere attempt to be relevant and pursue a “new” marketing tactic only to find that the social media campaign or website they had undertaken had done nothing more than empty the piggy bank. You know if it’s happened to you.

If it hasn’t here are some tips on how to avoid it –

1.    1.    Self-proclaimed internet marketing guru’s are rarely guru’s. Particularly social media guru’s – if you are really using social media and you have       a huge following on Twitter, facebook, Linkedin, etc. and the only person talking about you – is you, something is wrong.

2.    2.    The first words out of their mouths are – “Do you Tweet?” or “Are you on facebook?”.

3.    3.     Listen for data. Not the kind of data that a salesman uses, or even data alluding to the growing number of people on social networks, but actual    ROI metrics. At a very basic level, if the word Google Analytics causes blank stares or squirming – run.

4.    4.   SEO. Unless he is specifically an SEO contractor, you can expect your internet guru to know the standard, diluted version of how to optimize      for organic search. If he isn’t an SEO specialist, and he is serious about getting you results, he will want to connect you with someone that can    make it easier for your target audience to find you.  

The most common gaping hole in the strategies that I’ve seen that incorporate social media is a lack of objective-driven strategy. The overarching strategy seems to be “Social Media is cool, so let’s use it.” You can’t substitute the medium for the message.

Just like any other medium, effective interactive marketing needs to be driven, at the minimum, by a business objective, a marketing objective, a communication strategy or messaging framework, and a conversion objective to determine ROI.

“I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted…

I just don’t know which half”

          John Wanamaker, Father of Modern Advertising

With interactive marketing this should never happen. There is really no reason to ever do anything on the internet without capturing data to determine ROI; in most cases there are free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools that can provide you pretty powerful data. 


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