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Pushy Providers of Absolutely Irrelevant Information

October 9, 2009

A few days back I received an email from a colleague asking for some thoughts on how consultants of a party plan company could or should use the facebook fan page of their company. Thanks for the invite Jen!

It was fun to revisit our objectives with the Facebook fan page and see what we’ve observed over time. I thought I’d post my response as it contains some good general principles for engaging online. 

Good to hear from you, how is everything? Thanks for the invite to contribute to your blog post! So with regards to our facebook fan page it is not intended to serve as a communication channel but rather an engagement tool not exclusively targeted to consultants. Some of the most active people on our fan page are customers. So, to Marks point we hold them to the same standard we hold ourselves – provide relevant and useful content. So with that as the context, some things I’d suggest for Facebook page etiquette are;

1.       DON’T – Just like anywhere else on the web or in person, don’t be a pushy, provider of absolutely irrelevant information. When you post a URL to your consultant website in a comment box among a sea of other consultants, what do you think is the impression the customers or potential recruits get when they see that? It is not that you are a successful, energetic individual that is going to help them undertake something possibly very uncomfortable and nerve-wracking.

2.       DO – talk all you want about the products. Again, that goes back to the purpose of the page – we recognize and understand that many of you have favorites and are passionate about the products. Feel free to share that passion online.

3.       DO – talk about / share appropriate videos/photos/comments about rank advancements, incentive trips, team meetings, – essentially how your life is impacted by the business.

4.       DON’T – Bash other consultants. We’ve not seen this happen on our page but, again, the reality is that whenever someone bashes someone else it actually damages the image of the “bashor” more than the “bashee”.

5.       DON’T – Post inappropriate videos, copy, or photos. This should go without saying and may cause more problems by stating that rule than just leaving it to common sense.

6.       DO – comment on the content posted by corporate – your friends will see it and view it…a much more “bite-size chunk” for them to get introduced to the product or business. 



Do’s & Dont

October 9, 2009