I Want a Mobile Phone Without a Minute Plan

Believe it or not the first iPhone plans didn’t require a data subscription. Now mobile phones are much more than phones and all plans are  realizing the amazing usefulness of having a data subscription. With that migration, I want an Ooma-esque app for my phone.

For my home phone I use ooma. Essentially, I buy high speed internet then I go to Costco and buy an Ooma device. The Ooma device gets connected to my high speed internet connection and gives me free VOIP without any monthly fees. Once I buy the Ooma device I’m good – I love it. The quality is just as good as my VOIP at work.

So when will I be able to take that same approach for my mobile phone? Get any phone I want with a data plan and then get Ooma on it. You can, to a degree, already do that with Skype on the iPhone and an app called fring. But you have to buy new headphones and you don’t get the same ease of use.

How long before I can just buy a phone with a data plan and not have to buy minutes and get the same ease of use as my Ooma?


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