4 Core Components of an Interactive Marketing Team

  This is the year. You’re the lonely guy/gal pushing an increased use of the web in your companies marketing campaigns and your boss finally gave you the thumbs up and tasks you with putting together a team to get it done. Or maybe your company is really trying to turn over a new leaf with the New Year and is ready to try out the whole “internet marketing” thing for a change because everybody keeps talking about it and you don’t want to be left behind. 

Whatever your scenario, if you’re in the marketing world, web marketing, social media, SEO, – all that has or will soon, enter your world. The challenge is that, for many, it is unchartered territory and with unchartered territory comes exploitation. Social Media Guru’s start knocking on your door. 🙂

For those of you considering acquiring the skillsets necessary to execute web marketing strategies in-house or if you’re evaluating agencies to do web marketing for you; there are 4 core skillsets that you’ll want to consider; 

1. Strategy – This is the guy/gal with the big picture. Expect this person to develop the objectives, strategies and contribute to tactics conversations. This individual needs to have experience with PPC ads, Analytics, Social Media, Conversion rates, A/B testing, User Experience, engagement, word of mouth, “sharing”, and SEO for a short, broad list. Not that this person would do all of this but know enough to find the right people for the remaining core skillsets. This person would also drive the maintenance of sites or content for relevancy.

2. Build – This category can get pretty big. You’ll definitely need resources that can “skin” and “skeleton” a website. The “skin” being the front-end graphics and code for the stuff the user actually sees and the “skeleton” being the backend Content Management System (CMS) or anything that ties into a database. But along with actually building the site, you’ll need people that can write the copy, take pictures, or produce any kind of asset that you’ll use on the site. Sometimes these are all done by one person but one of these “build” creative skills will be subpar. Your site may be pretty but the copy will leave something to be desired. 

3. Optimize – This person is going to help guide the two C’s; copy and code. For the copy, he’ll optimize the site by identifying the most profitable keywords per page of your site to increase the value search engines assign to your site as well as the meta information. With regards to the code this person will know how to “package” the site to increase indexability. Robots.txt’s, sitemaps, Google Website Optimizer, keyword density, link-building, on-page SEO are all things this person should be familiar with. 

4. Measure – This is essentially your marketing insights guy. This person gets involved with A/B testing to increase conversions before deployment, and then with a website monitoring service like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Really this guy is key to capturing ROI, increasing conversions, and identifying user behavior, demographics and desired attributes for your product or service. 

If you get into web marketing this year, I hope this helps bucket-ize the skill sets that you’ll need in your team…or yourself.:)  And if this is all as clear as mud, let me know. 


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