Sorry NBC and Coke: On Thin Ice?

Think you’re having a bad year? NBC bumped Jay and launched Conan as the Tonight Show host and ratings plummeted for both, along with ad revenue and repor with local stations that started dissing the shows due to poor ad sales.

Then they decide to bump Conan and fork out $45 million as a going away present. In the meantime neither Jay nor Conan were giving kudos to NBC. Not to mention the $1.5 million on Conans little Bugatti Veyron stunt. If that weren’t bad enough it’s projected that with rising costs of rights and waning of ad sales NBC may actually lose money on the Olympic games for the first time. Ouch. 😦

Now the first of Coke’s two 60 second spots is getting dissed. What do you think, is it that bad?



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