Making On-Site Promos Effective

I’m pretty big into acronyms or alliteration. It really makes it easy, for me, to keep things organized in my head. So when I was trying to put together some things that I always wanted to keep in mind when it came time to make effective on-site promos, I resorted to the same tactic. “On-site promos” may be the wrong words.

Calls to Action might be more accurate. In reality these things, whatever you want to call them, are key to conversion. These are the things that move people down the conversion funnel to a point where their visit becomes profitable to you. So these puppies are vital to increasing the conversion on your site and forgetting to use call to actions or not using them effectively can make a big difference on the conversion success of your website. 

So here’s effective call to action tips…with the added bonus of being in a cool, memorable acronym. 🙂

Prominent – Above the scroll. If it really is something that your audience is interested in then put it in a place where they can see it. With heatmaps and user research we know quite a bit about where to put things to make it prominent to the user. Not in your face and annoying – visible. 

Easy – Please, please, please make it easy for me to do something. Converting shouldn’t be a chore. Your content, done right, will be what drives me to convert and so when I’m ready to convert make it quick and easy or I’ll leave. Hint – facebook only asks 6 questions to join. 

Actionable – Along the same lines of being easy, the conversion process needs to be paved with actionable links. If you get me excited with your content and with the call to action that I can convert then let me do it right there. 

Relevant – This really goes without saying but don’t offer me 10% off of origami books when I’m looking at marketing books. Make it seasonal, related to my behavior and interests, competitive, casual and in a bite size chunk. 

Shareable – I don’t know if that’s a word but it does the job. Social networks have become the underpinnings of the web and search engines are in a race to index those networks and the interactions in them and use them to provide the most relevant results for searchers. You’re leaving a lot on the table if you don’t allow your call to action to be spread by your evangelists. This is probably the easiest, high ROI, low-hanging fruit that gets forgotten. 

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