Pantone Announces the Color of the Year

This is going to be a random post. There is one color that I’ve never liked. When I was growing up this color was everywhere. It was so dominant that everyone from pizza shops to leg warmers – used it incessantly. Everywhere I turned this color was either the accent or the leading color of everything and for some reason I’ve never liked it. When I first saw it I thought “Jeepers, that’s just ugly. How can you like that color? It’s hideous.”

Something along those lines. 🙂

Well, apparently that color is the Color of the Year for 2010 as designated by Pantone. Introducing…Turquoise. According to Pantone – 

Turquoise Transports Us to an Exciting, Tropical Paradise While Offering a Sense of Protection and Healing in Stressful Times”

Barf. Thankfully, I’ve lived 30+ years and I couldn’t tell you what the Pantone color of the year was for any of those years. Let me know when it is orange, blue or brown. So be on the lookout for all those fun flashbacks from the 80’s to show up in turquoise. I can handle the music but I’m not pegging my pants again.


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