Mobile VOIP…it’s here

Last December I wrote a post titled “I Want a Mobile Plan Without a Minute Plan” about how I want my mobile phone to use VOIP so I don’t have to pay the ridiculous amount of money that we all pay for those oh-so precious minutes.

Two apps, fring and skype have been the dirty little secrets of iPod touch and iPhone users for the last couple of years for making their device a mobile VOIP communicator. Stability and inconvenience of using these apps left many of us longing for the day that seemed inevitable – a tighter integration of a VOIP app with the iPhone or even mobile VOIP. Then ooma came along and, though not for mobile, took that concept and made it work for home phone lines. Essentially, if you have high speed internet then you simply connect it to your ooma device and voila – unlimited local and domestic long distance; with no monthly charge. Reason prevailed. 

Man holding a tablet device.

Now leave it to Apple to go and make my dreams come true. In his iPhone OS 4 presentation yesterday Steve Jobs mentioned the not too distant future of mobile VOIP…even Skype was on hand for the occasion. 

Very Much Extreme happiness. 🙂 Watch the presentation here

Now if only Apple would allow a grooveshark app…



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